101 Ways To Clean With Steam

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Harnessing the POWER OF STEAM profoundly changed the way we lived! The invention of the STEAM ENGINE made the world a better place. Today, the invention of the STEAM CLEANER is having the same impact on the way we clean.


Let’s face it, DIRT IS EVERYWHERE! Everyday it boils down to, we either clean it ourselves, someone else  cleans it for us or we live in the filth. It most certainly does not go away by itself.


I use to hate cleaning and wished I didn’t have to do it.  I felt like it was hard, time consuming, ineffective, endless, stressful and messy………and then I discovered it didn’t have to be.


I soon found cleaning to be rewarding, satisfying, and fun!  I hope I didn’t just lose you! “Did she really say, cleaning is fun”?  Do the words ”cleaning” and “fun” even belong in the same sentence?


Really – there are a few things you will learn while reading this blog that just may change your mind about housework –  It sure changed mine.

  • Do your never-ending household chores leave you feeling overwhelmed, resentful or unappreciated?


  • Do you have “selectively neglected” areas like window tracks, tile grout, greasy ovens, scummy showers or a dirty car that you dread doing so much that  you can’t even bring yourself to start on them, let alone cross them off your to do list?  


Imagine how wonderful it will feel when ALL of these dirty projects that you carry around in your head (causing you major stress) are crossed off your list. They are beautifully clean, easy to do and best of all they will never end up on a selectively neglected list again.


Which one of these projects would make you happiest to cross off of your list?


Now, I am in control of my housework, it is NOT in control of me and it feels so good!


I am wondering if you would like to feel the same way?


Well, ladies of America, it’s liberation time because cleaning with STEAM is so evolutionary! It doesn’t just change how you clean, it changes how you feel about cleaning!


Can you imagine actually enjoying the time you spend cleaning?  I know it sounds crazy,  just wait until you see it for yourself!


I’m going to show you how to:

  • Cut the time you spend cleaning in half.
  • Get the kids to help.
  • Save $$$ at the grocery store and the  Dr.’s office.
  • Protect your indoor environment.
  • Save Mother earth.
  • Earn an 80% return on your investment.
  • and the big one – ENJOY CLEANING!


Here’s the thing – I finally figured out why cleaning can be such a drag. There are plenty of very good reasons we hate it but it actually comes down to 3 things…

  • Touching dirt is gross
  • Cleaning is hard boring work
  • Chemicals stink.


We’re going to change all three right now. Cleaning with steam keeps you from touching the dirt, makes cleaning fast, easy and does it all without a single chemical.


Can your current cleaning supplies promise you all that?


Do your cleaning tools and supplies pass the 9-E test?

Are your cleaning supplies and tools…

  • Easy
  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • Eradicators
  • Educational
  • Economical
  • Ergonomically correct
  • Environmentally responsible
  • And most of all – Enjoyable!

When Choosing cleaning supplies ask yourself,

Are they…

9 E's of cleaning.001


Cleaning with STEAM passes 100%!

If you’re using anything that…

  • makes you scrub hard.
  • doesn’t do a very good job.
  • leaves any germs alive.
  • unsure how to use it.
  • costs more money every time you use it.
  • makes you crawl around on your hands and knees.
  • pollutes your home and the environment.

and basically stinks………… then it’s time to replace it.


Steam is the secret to keeping a clean home without driving yourself and your family nuts. It is the very BEST cleaning solution on the planet. Good steam machines are simple to use and they transform your cleaning because you are now using the right tools – and using the tools right. (Make sure the company from whom you purchase your steam cleaner provides you with comprehensive education.)


Now that you know it’s possible…..CLEAN WITH STEAM!  

No matter what type of steam cleaning device you own…use it exclusively!


Learn how to clean with steam by downloading my book Power Housecleaning 101, It’s FREE!

It is the most comprehensive book ever written on cleaning with steam.  I think you will be shocked when you learn what you don’t know that you don’t know about cleaning.


Happy steamin’

In the comments below tell me what you want to clean with steam.