Cleaning Your Silk Plants


Spring is here and you’re ready to start cleaning your silk plants so they can compete against everyone else’s allergy-causing live plants! But… your allergies aren’t going to be much better if your silk plants are dusty and gray, right?

Well here’s the good news! This is another thing the steamer can take care of for you! A good blast of steam will revive those tired leaves so fast and easy you won’t believe it. Use the highest setting to blow away the dust that dulls the color and shine.

If they are really dirty, put on a white microfiber dusting glove and rub each leaf as you steam. This is a bit time-consuming the first time around but once it’s done, the next time you can use the spray only technique.

Remember the vibrant green colors and textures? They’re back and better than ever. Go ahead and add cleaning your silk plants to the long list of things you can do with a steamer!