Discover the secret of cleaning EASIER, FASTER, and CHEAPER than you ever thought possible...
The scientific proof of why cleaning with steam is so much better!!

Study proves powerful steam kills deadly germs in 2 seconds.

In 2001, Brigham Young University Associate Professor Richard A. Robison, Ph.D. conducted an independent research study on the effectiveness of the steam in reliably and quickly annihilating dangerous and deadly viruses.

The Sargent Steam Cleaner uses active steam that provides a quick kill on all types of bacteria, killing over 8 logs of Staphylococcus Aureus in less than two seconds!

The Sargent Steam Cleaner was also evaluated for its ability to kill the spores of Bacillus Subtilis, as well as Pseudomonas Aeurginosa.
The test results presented an extremely rapid kill which cannot be duplicated by chemical disinfectants.

Dr. Richard A Robison

Test Dates: Sep. 3 - Oct. 9, 2001
By: Richard A. Robison, Ph.D. Associate Professor BYU
791 WIDB Brigham Young University Provo, Utah 84602
Fragrance or Fumes?
Link discovered between cleaning products and health hazards.

Studies have proven toxic chemicals found in common cleaning products, laundry detergents and fragrance mists that are linked to problems with the immune system, respiratory conditions and can even cause cancer.

These studies have been proven time and time again by various organizations. 

  • Scientists have found a link between some cleaning product components to asthma and reproductive harm."

    - Women's Voices for the Earth 

  • "Exposure to cleaning products or air fresheners that contain a certain volatile organic compound (VOC) called 1,4 dicholorobenzene (1,4 DCB), can reduce lung function by 4%."

    - U.S News & World Report 

  • "Fumes from air fresheners and fragrances contain hazardous toxins, none of which were listed on product labels since companies are not required by the federal government to disclose the ingredients in these products."

- University of Washington, The Journal Environmental Impact Assessment Review 

  • "When used indoors under certain conditions, many common household cleaners and air fresheners emit toxic pollutants at levels that may lead to health risks."

    - University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Harmful Side effects!
Cleaning chemicals can cause harmful side effects.
Children are more susceptible to the toxic chemicals found in cleaners. Their neurological development, endocrine, and immune systems can be effected.
For those who suffer from asthma, using commercial and household cleaning products can trigger or aggravate their existing respiratory symptoms.
Some chemicals in common cleaning products have been linked to changes in; sexual behavior, lower fertility, fluctuations in menstruation, the start of puberty, cancer, premature birth, and miscarriage.
 "What ’s under your sink? Potential hazards of home cleaning products"- A Fact Sheet by Women’s Voices for the Earth, July 2007
What are hazardous chemicals actually doing to us?
Women working as building custodians have been linked to 45 different types of birth defects and congenital deformities.

- 2010, New York State Department of Health
While pregnant, women who work with organic solvents have been linked to reduced language skills and IQ in adolescents.

- Laslo-Baker 2004
Massachusetts women who use household cleaners have been linked to high rates of breast cancer.

-Silent Spring Institute (Zota 2010)

Abnormalities in toddlers' vision have been linked to women working with organic solvents during pregnancy.

- Till 2005
Lemon Fresh or Toxic Chemical?
Is that lemon fresh I smell? 
Or simply a spritz of eugenol and linalool?
One of the biggest concerns about misguided labels is that companies are not required to disclose the ingredient list for their fragrances. There is a complete lack of transparency.

The International Fragrance Association recently acknowledged that common scents found in cleaning supplies often contain as many as 3,000 different chemical ingredients! While many are completely harmless, and some even are natural, many are the culprits of skin rashes, asthma attacks, allergies, and the disruption of hormones.

What you thought was lemon fresh turns out to be a toxic chemical!
There are no FDA regulations on cleaning products.
The FDA regulates our food, and pharmaceutical drugs, but they don't regulate any of our cleaning products. There are literally thousands of chemicals that are mixed and mingled into an enormous variety of cleaning concoctions. 

On their own, and combined in products, many have the potential to cause serious harm, especially when circumstance, environment and individual triggers present themselves. 

It's important to identify the potential health risks if the cleaning products you have on hand contain any harmful ingredients, and how you can best eliminate the need for that particular product.
Cleaning with Steam is the solution!
With so many steamers on the market which one do I choose?
$200 Steam Cleaners:
Residential use ONLY
Typically Poor quality, poor performance, short life expectancy, zero customer service and cannot be repaired.
$700 Steam Cleaners: 

Residential use ONLY

Typically Fair quality, poor performance, limited life expectancy, little customer service and repair options.
$5000 Steam Cleaners: 
Residential or Commercial use
Good quality, best performance, longer life expectancy, good customer service, good repair service.
Sargent Steam Under $2500: 
Top Quality, Best performance, a 20+ year life expectancy, superior customer service, excellent repair service if it's ever needed.  Sargent Steam is the best value today!
* Inexpensive steamers produce a steam that is very wet and messy because the tank does not heat the water hot enough to produce dry steam.  

* Most low end steamers do not have a removable plug to drain the hard water minerals out of the tank. No steamer can last very long if it’s clogged up with minerals.

*The attachments which are included are limited and low quality.
By now, Why wouldn't you choose a Sargent Steam ?
Here is what others are saying...
My Daughter Is Safe!
"My daughter was born with SCID’s which means she had no immune system. Sargent Steam cut my cleaning from 6 hours a day down to 2 hours a day and is THE ONLY WAY we could keep our home sanitized well enough to keep Emily out of the hospital."

J. Heaps, Utah
Doctor Approved!
"As a doctor and a single mom, my family’s health is my top priority. My Sargent Steam kills germs – not my family. Sanitizing with steam instead of bleach or ammonia keeps us all safer and healthier."

Dr. L. Patterson, Cottonwood Heights, UT
Cleaned Up Rentals!
"I had to clean up a duplex after the renters had moved out. One of the worst parts was the greasy hood above the cook top, it was a mess! Sargent Steam melts the grease and grime off everything."

D. Thomas, Salt Lake City, Utah
When you choose another steamer you don't get....
- A custom built cart that organizes your steam cleaner and accessories.
- Just a steam cleaner in a box, and wonder what to do next.
- Frustrated because you have to teach yourself how to make your steam cleaner work on everything.
- Your phone calls answered by experts that know steam cleaning.
- Irritated because you have to go out and buy products to complete your steam cleaning system.
- Video training on how to use your steam cleaner to clean anything.
- Access to internationally known authors.
- Peace of mind.
When you choose a Sargent Steam you get...
- The best steam cleaner money can buy.
- A custom designed, high quality, metal cart that   keeps everything at your fingertips. 
- A company that stands behind its steam cleaners.
- Help solving any of your cleaning challenges.
- Your phone calls answered by a live person, M-F 9-6 MST.
- ALL the essential cloths, enhancers, and attachments to clean anything.
- Access to the most comprehensive online training in the industry.
- Access to the people that wrote the only book on steam cleaning that is internationally known. 
- The best iron money can buy. (optional)
The Cost Of Cleaning Chemicals vs Steam
Toxic Cleaning  Chemicals
The Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report in 2007 stating that the average household spent anywhere from $321 a year for one or two people, to over $800 a year for families, on household cleaning supplies!
Over a 15 year period you could spend anywhere from.
 $4,815 - $12,000!!
Steam Cleaning
The Sargent Steamer typically lasts 15+ years and will save you anywhere from $4,800-$12,000, in comparison to these toxic, harsh, and costly chemicals. We are the only ones who include a deluxe accessory kit with proper sized cleaning clothes, assorted microfiber cloths and everything you will need to have a complete cleaning system.
100% satisfaction guarantee!
If you are ever dissatisfied, even a little bit, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, you may return it to us for a repair, replacement or refund.
- Joyce Mathie, Owner
Sargent Steam Cleaner Warranty
We promise to be free of defects in parts, materials, and workmanship for 2 years and 5 years under normal use for the boiler. Damage due to ordinary wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge.
Sargent Steam Cleaner In Action...
6 year old says "Steamer brings power to the house!!"
"My Benjamin (6 years old) pulled out the Sargent Steam after dinner on Sunday. He didn’t particularly care to watch the football game and decided to do his kitchen trash can cleaning job. Then he says “I don’t want to put it away yet, I have other things I want to steam”. So far he’s done the outside of the dishwasher, part of the stainless steel sink, and now he’s doing the washing machine. He told me when he’s done with it, it’s going to look brand new.
Partway through he looked over at me while I was sitting here at my desk and said: Before we had the Sargent Steam, our house was dirty… now… (insert sound as if starting to sing hallelujah, and raising hand high holding steamer) it brings power to the house!
He’s cracking me up. I wish I could write down everything he’s saying about steaming and the steamer. It is so funny. Here it is almost 10pm and he still wants to keep steaming!!!

Just thought you’d enjoy! Thanks again!"
- K. Mitchell, Tennessee
Bed-Wetting Stains Be Gone!
"My son and his family lived with me for about 4 months and all that time, my granddaughter had a bed wetting problem that I never new about.
By the time I discovered it there were so many rings and stains I thought the brand new mattress was ruined. Since some of the stains were 4 months old, I knew it was too late for just baking soda (my usual trick) to lift urine to the surface. So I decided to try some Shur Kleen and my Sargent steamer. It took a me few times to get the mattress completely clean but I couldn't believe how well it took care of the whole problem!
It got all the rings and stains out and the smell was completely gone. I was so happy! Sargent saved me from having to replace this new mattress and now no one has to sleep in a toilet!"

-Teresa Robinson, Preston Idaho
Cabin In Park City
Seven Years Of Smoke, Grease, Dirt, & Creosote On Everything!
Wood Panel Walls
Door Jam Between Kitchen & Bath
Steam Melts Dirt & Grease Away
Painted Cinder Block Wall
Steam Even Cleans The Porous Blocks 
Kids Rely On Grandma's Steamer!
"I was having a BBQ at my house this summer with the whole family. My cute grandson was getting ketchup out of the fridge and dropped it on my tile floor and it exploded. He looked up at me and said “it’s OK grandma, you have a steamer.” We all laughed and laughed because it was so true.
I have no idea how I would have gotten it clean without my Sargent Steam.”

- Martha Baker, American Fork, UT
Motorcyclist spends time riding rather than cleaning!
"The hardest parts for me to clean on my bike were the rear wheel area and the small hard to get places, with my Sargent Steam I can completely detail my bike in 20-30 minutes where before it would take me about 2 hours. This affords me an extra 2 hours of riding my clean bike. Glass, Paint, Chrome, five seconds!…Love it! It even cleans and moisturizes my leather seats and Jackets. 

If you love your bike as much as I do, the you will love this incredible machine."

- Lawrence L., Salt Lake City, UT
Cleaning our boat tires was so nice, it use to take hours cleaning them with Quick-n-Bright , my husband was amazed!
- Becky Nelson                   
"Estimated Cost Savings Of $10,000 - $15,000 a year"
Start Cleaning With Steam Today!
Your complete cleaning system includes...
Sargent Steam Cleaner
1 - Steam Generator
1 - Hose
1 - Floor Brush with Cover
1 - Diamond Brush
1 - Squeegee with 14 inch blade
2 - Extensions
1 - Steam Nozzle
1 - Filler Bottle
1 - 1" soft Brush
1 - 1" Stainless Brush
2 - 1" Stiff Brush
2 - 2" Soft Brush
2 - 2" Stiff Brush
1 - Scrub Bud
1 - Rectangle Cloth
1 - Diamond Fitted Cloth
1 - How-to Video
Accessory Kit
24 - Rectangle Towels
4 - Diamond Towels
5 - Microfiber Cloths
1 - Extension Wand
1 - Power Pad Set
1 - Extension cord
1 - Stain Shocker (Sodium Carbonate)
1 - That Orange Stuff (Orange Oil and Silica Powder)
1 - Tub N Tile Concentrate (Citric Acid and Detergent)
1 - Foaming Sprayer
1 - Bar Soap and Soap Dish
Metal Utility Cart 
1 -Heavy-duty steel utility cart 
√ - Custom-made for your Sargent Steam Cleaner System.
√ - Slotted top tray for each attachment
√ - Basket for towels and enhancers 
√ - Powder coated steel frame
√ - Rugged casters
√ - Easy to maneuver
√ - 6" rear wheels roll over thresholds and steps
√ - 35" H X 15" W X 25" D 
√ - 35 lbs
100% satisfaction guarantee!
If you are ever dissatisfied, even a little bit, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. If you are not satisfied with one of our products at the time you receive it, or if one of our products does not perform to your satisfaction, you may return it to us for a repair, replacement or refund.
- Joyce Mathie, Owner
Sargent Steam Cleaner Warranty
We promise to be free of defects in parts, materials, and workmanship for 2 years and 5 years under normal use for the boiler. Damage due to ordinary wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge.
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