How to Clean a Shower Door


All of us dread the moment when we have to remember how to clean a shower door. It’s irritating and painful. However, with this trick you will have it clean without any of the annoying side effects!

Are you sure you’re alone in your shower or are there about a million germs in there with you? Do you have soap scum, shampoo and conditioner buildup on your shower door? And what is that orange/black moldy stuff in the door track and the caulking?

Sorry to tell you but it’s actually alive and it could be making you sick! If you cough and sneeze every time you get in the shower, it could be that the bacteria growing in the corners is now in your lungs. By the way, it’s not your fault, showers are wet, warm and dark – the perfect environment for mold to flourish.

So how do we clean our showers? Check out the next page to see an easy way to get your shower clean with no harsh chemicals!

Steam cleaners are the perfect way to clean your shower. There’s limited bending and reaching, and it kills the germs fast, with no harsh chemicals!

Use the white power pad to safely steam soap scum buildup off your door. Start at the top and work your way down. Mineral deposits will need a little Orange Stuff applied with the power pad. Blast the goop from the track with a bare steam nozzle.

A steam cleaner lets you stand up comfortably, no crawling around naked on your hands and knees and no breathing harsh fumes!