How to Clean Crown Molding Quickly and Easily


Learning how to clean crown molding quickly and easily may not be as hard as it sounds. Using a Sargent Steam cleaner will completely change the way you see cleaning the most difficult things in your house! That gorgeous molding adds so much to the room, but boy, is it a big job to clean off the cobwebs and dust it attracts. I think moving the ladder 27 times around the room is just too much to ask of anyone.

Put on enough extensions to reach up as high as you need without a ladder. Cover your brush with a cloth and trace the crown molding around the room. You’ll steam away anything that‘s collected in the cracks, crevices and corners. Should take a fraction of the time and be ever so much safer.

You don’t need to neglect this job anymore, Now that it’s this fast, easy and safe, you can just sit back and enjoy your crown molding’s beauty.

Bonus: This method keeps you off of dangerous ladders!