Is Drano A Good Idea?




UG!   Water not going down the drain pipe is always a super big mess and sometimes a very stinky one as well.  

Whether it’s your kitchen sink, wash basin or toilet It’s a problem THAT GETS YOUR ATTENTION.  

When this happens most Americans reach for a product called Drano hoping to solve the problem quickly, thoroughly and inexpensively.  

Well…….sometimes it works exactly like we want it to.  But most times it’s only a partial, temporary fix and it must be used with extreme caution because it can burn skin, injure eyes destroy surfaces and cause holes in pipes.  

Plumbers love drano & similar products because with continued use they cause damage to pipes which then must be replaced….and that is not typically a do-it-yourself project.

Let’s take a quick look at the main ingredients in these products.   They are composed of sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium nitrate, sodium chloride(salt), and aluminum.

When lye crystals mix with water, they react strongly, and produce a lot of heat. The hot water softens lumps of grease in the drain. The sodium hydroxide reacts with the softened grease, turning it into soap. The bits of aluminum metal also react with the sodium hydroxide, releasing more heat, but also releasing a lot of hydrogen gas, which makes bubbles that further loosen the fat and grease in the clog.

Now we have all that boring technical stuff out of the way let’s look at what plumbers tell us:

Why Shouldn’t I Use Drano in My Toilet Bowl?

Toilets are a special case, as any chemical you put in the toilet is going to stay there for some time, since the bowl fills with water and is slow to drain without flushing. The chemicals will settle onto the porcelain. Plumbers will tell you this is a bad thing because the chemicals in Drano will heat up while standing in the ceramic bowl. This will cause one of two things to happen. First, it can crack the porcelain bowl, meaning you will have to replace the entire commode. Second, the concoction could explode, leading to replacement of fixtures, furniture, and perhaps walls in your bathroom. Both are much more expensive than calling a plumber to bring a drain snake for repairs or using a plunger.

There really is a safer, better, way…..Use STEAM!  

Plumbers Helper

Plumbers Helper

Add the “plumbers helper” accessory to the steam nozzle and place it over the sink, wash basin or bathtub drain.  Do this at least once a month to prevent clogs from ever happening.

It’s so easy to turn an inexpensive toilet plunger into a “plumbers helper” that is big enough to use on shower and other larger circumference drains.  Simply remove the wooden handle and slide the rubber plunger up onto the steam nozzle till it fits snuggly.  

An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  ( at least 16 times more effective. )

I love this unique and very effective trick.  It’s so effective and It’s really worked for me many times.  I’m sooo glad that someone shared this with me.  

Now I’d really love for you share any of your favorite tips & tricks so we can all benefit from each others excitement and knowledge.