The Best Way to Iron Clothes

A lot of people have opinions on the best way to iron clothes, but have all of them tried using the Sargent Steam cleaner? The answer is no – if it was yes, everyone’s favorite technique would be the same! The steamer is like nothing you’ve ever tried on your clothes.

How much money do you spend at the shirt laundry? What if I told you I could save you a bundle and get your shirts as pressed and perfect as a professional? And yes, you do need to iron that shirt before you wear it. A good press job is the difference between looking fine and looking really polished.

The Sargent Steam iron packs a walloping 50 pounds of steam pressure. That means it penetrates deep into the fibers to erase wrinkles in one pass. The hot sole plate glides over your clothing smoothly and easily so this is really not such a chore anymore. This machine is as close to professional equipment as you can get at home.

To learn more about the steamer and what it can do, download the free book here!