Toxic Tuesday – Bleach

Joyce Mathie, Queen of Clean


Joyce Mathie


Before I purchased my Sargent Steam Cleaner (back in 1993) and began cleaning EVERYTHING WITH STEAM, I, like everyone else, was using ordinary cleaning tools and chemical cleaning solutions.  Little did I know that the cleaning chemicals I was using to keep  my family healthy was actually making them sick.  I became very interested in finding out more about those chemicals and what they were doing to me, my family and our planet.  The more research I did, the more convinced I became that NO ONE should ever use these nasty things again.


TOXIC TUESDAYS will be devoted to sharing with you the facts I have uncovered about these toxic chemicals and why it makes such good sense to replace them with STEAM!  (NO ONE has ever been allergic to steam.)


Today’s let’s uncover the “dirt” on CHLORINE BLEACH



We know it kills germs

We  think it’s safe

We think it helps keep our family healthy

It’s fairly cheap

It’s readily available

It’s a habit



It ruins surfaces and clothing  (takes the color out leaving an unsightly spot)

It is a derivative of the chlorine gas that was used to KILL soldiers in WW11

While it’s killing germs, it is slowly killing you

Liquid bleach is a registered pesticide

Chlorine Bleach causes eye injuries  Can burn the skin, mouth, throat, and stomach.

Vapors irritate the nose, throat and lungs

It contributes to breast cancer, kidney & liver damage, severe lung damage & reproductive issues.

Mixing Chlorine Bleach with Ammonia creates toxic vapors that has caused many deaths (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2007), for example, a 75 year-old woman died after mixing a chemical cleaner that contained ammonia with bleach. (Click here to read the article on this story.)


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