Clorox – Toxic Tuesday

Clorox Wipes and other Disinfecting Wipes land in almost everyone’ shopping cart all across America every month.  

They are indeed very  popular items because we have been led to believe they are absolutely necessary to kill germs and if you care about keeping your family healthy you MUST use them.

Well, let’s explore that for a moment by asking ourselves some common sense questions.

If these products are designed to KILL germs, could they be slowly killing us as well?

Can the germs they fail to KILL (leave alive) evolve into superbugs that become resistance to these products?

Your immune system is designed to kill germs. It is not designed to handle the chemicals that are absorbed into your body by continuous use of these products.  Do you agree?

Can simply washing with SOAP & WATER be just as effective?

Have you ever calculated the HIGH COST of these products VS using soap & water which is virtually FREE?

OK!  Now you have some food for thought, let’s look at some facts that are printed right on the label




Most of us never read the label because the print is so small many of us would have to use a magnifying glass and that is very inconvenient!   Well, I used my magnifying glass so I could print this label for you.  

                                   Disinfect:     Works on hard Non porous surfaces.

Use enough wipes for treated surface to remain visibly wet for 4 minutes.

                                    Sanitize:      30 seconds.  

For surfaces that may come in contact with food, a potable water rinse is required.

Virtually no one is using these wipes properly because the messages we get from the product advertisers leads us to believe that one quick wipe is all we need which obviously is not true!.  Nor are we aware that the product should be rinsed away.  If you “sanitize” a cutting board with a Clorox Wipe did you rinse the board before you cut food on it?

Do you swipe the handle of the grocery cart with a Clorox Wipe before you put your small child into the cart only to see that child bend forward and put their mouth on the handle.  A much better option is a small spray bottle of WATER & A CLEAN MICROFIBER CLOTH.  Both are easy to tuck into your purse….and they cost so little they are almost FREE!

Please become aware that many of the cleaning chemicals you buy and use thinking they will help keep your family healthy are actually making them sick.

Be sure to engage with us on Toxic Tuesdays where we will be uncovering more REAL DIRT ON CLEAN.

Share your experiences, your feelings and your favorite tips, tricks and tools in the comments so we can all learn from each other how to clean differently…..(healthier, easier, faster, better and cheaper!)